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Solder Anodes, Bars, Paint, Wires & Pastes
Lead Free Solders
Dross Reduction
Rosin Fluxes
Water Soluable Flux
No Clean Flux
Flux Pastes
Post Soldering Cleaning Chemicals
PCB Fabrication Chemicals
PCB Fabrication Fluxes
Speciality Chemicals for PCB Assembly
Equipment and Materials

Hybrid Metals Private Limited is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.  We are one among the largest manufacturers of solders, soldering fluxes and various chemicals used in the electronics, electrical and automotive industries.  We have an installed capacity to produce 5000 liters of soldering chemicals and 3000 kgs of solder alloys per day.  Our production line is unique in the country.  We produce multicore (1, 3 and 5 core) wires up to 26SWG.  We have our own laboratory and testing facilities that ensure high quality products.  Our production process are well established and our personnel are highly experienced and well trained.

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